About Son Shine Tanning Resort :: Indoor Tanning

Our knowledgeable staff and high-end equipment help make your tanning experience relaxing and rejuvenating. We frequently accommodate couples, wedding parties, corporate events and more, frequently offering special deals on tanning packages to make luxury affordable.

Sonshine Tanning Resort provides a luxurious, personalized tanning experience that salon franchises don't offer. We have plenty of thoroughly trained staff members on all five levels of tanning who will assist you with any questions you might have regarding equipment, products or methods. Sonshine Tanning resort imports some of the highest-quality tanning equipment available so that we are able to help our clients achieve their unique goals at an affordable price.

For over 19 years, Sonshine Tanning Resort has been Troy's alternative to mass-market tanning salon chains. We provide a more personalized, comfortable experience; our well-trained staff understands the perfect balance between assisting clients and allowing them privacy. Staff members offer advice to help individual clients meet their unique goals, from the best lotions and skin care products to the most appropriate equipment.

Our philosophy is to provide a relaxing tanning experience. We use high UVA, low UVB lamps that give a deeper, longer lasting tan, rather than using more common lamps that quickly brown the skin but fade sooner. We offer five levels of tanning in our 2800 sq ft tanning resort with 18 spacious rooms , so you'll never feel crowded. Come in today and see why clients from Troy and the surrounding area become regulars.